Sunday, September 30, 2007

ELECTIONS 2007 Trinidad & Tobago

no smell

new(s) ‘tory
like zandolee
travels fast
new party

concerted robberies
in congested daytime traffic
perplexed motorists
and apparently deranged local residents
casting roles of parasite and prey
via the internet

exploding vehicle windscreens
ramped occupants staring helplessly
screams of protests aside
mental illness and lost of property

who comes at my door
offering poll cards, brazen smiles
usual t-shirts.. regular ten days
scented breath begging consent
of my index finger

oblivious to
breeding crime

as if rotting dogs don’t smell

Sunday, September 23, 2007

rePUBLIC DAY 2007 : Trinidad & Tobago


beads of perspiration
anticipating exhalation, harbouring
incessant cramps. Pervading rancid
aroma of rotting cabbage
curdling calabash enthrals. So
minister protest price of flour
racist hairstyle exclusion, induced
weather patterns wreck my islands. Please
arrest this provocation

Mechanised imported wigs unable to protect
robbed and beaten retired heads of states, impounded
BE- oh-ac/dc leased planes, airport bomb threats, frozen
bank accounts, criminal deportees, luxury flats,
wire-tapping. Charges, arrests
and more charges. Please
arrest this provocation

stew sour tamarind innocence banished
leh go beast on the loose
school boys running like mad from police
untreated violent behaviour, feeding trauma
stranger, unfamiliar faced passenger
friend or maxi taxi driver
victim to a high-tech villain
without identification. Please
arrest this provocation

murders, gang-warfare, common assault
of prisoners or mps . Violent pop
concerts linked to aggressive
behaviour shot up by police. Testing
entrance examinations. Forgotten
communities where fear reigns. Please
arrest this provocation

government officials pray with feuding gang-leaders
robberies, drive-by shootings, kidnapping,
slain police officers families at funerals
blazing road blocks rubbished. Terrified
shot up bystanders as
as if escaped from saint anns
with messages. Please
arrest this provocation

venerable small business proprietors
their kidnapped siblings
chorale beseeching prime security minister
for gun licences. Ongoing arguments over constitution,
extraditions, regulations , crime legislations. Assassinations
acquisitions, accusations. Please
arrest this provocation

cabildo without spanish expatriates
disrespected douglas, afrikans an' east indians,
legal appointments, consultants, foreign archbishop,
voter padding, ransom payments, hustling q-cees,
drugs washed ashore, victims of crime
innocent without redress. Please
arrest this provocation

gun running syndicates, another olympian
promised an accommodation. Stolen chalice
of communion, daylight police shooting
civilians an' bandits, coup rumours
missing army hardware, stolen uniforms
uzis ablaze mayhem, terror senseless
parrying with death. Please
arrest this provocation

insinuations of criminals in
almost every home. Venal politicians,
sellers of cloth exposed. Faulty nuts
causing caroni explosions. Please
arrest this provocation

vows neglected

"...Oh land of fairest beauty
we vow our lives to duty
and vow this day
and vow this day to serve thee..."

trembling beneath our feet
gazing lovingly
our new fluttering flag
unaware our unborn not free
of post-modern terror

lingering ailment
scourge of inequality
such vulgarity not bashful

descendants of Columbus
dictated the voyage forward
we still draw water and
tend to massa's venal estates

we pledged our lives
to serve a nation
now limping along
bearing scars of unnecessary trials

this is my mother trinago
here poui still blooms
manatee in seclusion
as leather-backs lay eggs
crabs run at full moon
caiman there about

land of fairest beauty
where/here slain innocents
are accepted

still the poor folks
defending rubbished road blocks
or rummaging
at la basse
neglecting public health
polluting environment
as ink dries on signed contracts with foreign concerns
for further pillage of resources


Friday, September 21, 2007

for one who truly cared

      are shared
and language is
        but a task-unnecessary
for omega has departed from
                  alpha's chamber
                  with out music [ muse]

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Trinidad Guardian celebrates Roi Kwabena poetry

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Anson reports on Roi Kwabena's inclusion to Black Achievers List

Trinis on list of history's black achievers
By Anson Gonzalez

Roi Kwabena is greatly pleased to be included in the list of history's
greatest black achievers. The International Slavery Museum opened its
doors in Liverpool, England in mid-August with an exhibition of
history's black achievers. Some are household names, others are barely
known. All are extraordinary.

Kwabena's years of work in his homeland, where he began as a youth,
and his travels through the Caribbean, north Africa, and the United
Kingdon have certainly made an impression as an activist and artist
in the field of Black consciousness. He has produced several books and
other publications, and has lectured and performed widely. He has
earned a formal Doctor of Philosophy degree, and on two occasions was
Poet Laureate of the city of Birmingham.

The other great Trinidadians included on the list include:

Stokely Carmichael - Civil rights activist, 1941-98
Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Carmichael moved to Harlem at 11. He was
leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, bringing
black students together to protest against segregation. One of the
first activists to use the term " Black Power".

Learie Constantine - Cricketer, politician, lawyer, 1901-71
One of the finest all-rounders in cricket, Constantine moved to
England from the West Indies to play professionally. He became
involved in politics, fighting discrimination. He was the first black
Governor of the BBC and the first black life peer.

Roi Ankhkara Kwabena - Cultural anthropologist, born 1956
Born in Trinidad, Kwabena – who calls himself a "cultural activist" –
produces art on a variety of platforms, addressing issues such as
racism and immigration. He is a poet, musician, storyteller, historian
and publisher, and has performed around the world.

George Padmore - Scholar, activist, 1902-59
Padmore is seen as one of the 20th century's greatest social theorists
and played a large role in the decolonisation of the Caribbean and
Africa. A prominent Pan-Africanist, he inspired many black leaders and
established the Internatio nal African Service Bureau.

George Padmore - Scholar, activist, 1902-59
Padmore is seen as one of the 20th century's greatest social theorists
and played a large role in the decolonisation of the Caribbean and
Africa. A prominent Pan-Africanist, he inspired many black leaders and
established the Internatio nal African Service Bureau.

CLR James - Writer, socialist theorist, 1901-89
James is famous for seminal writings both on cricket and colonialism,
most notably his book The Black Jacobins. He campaigned for African
and West Indian independence, and wrote the first novel by a Caribbean
author to be published in the UK.

Trevor McDonald - Journalist, born 1939
The first black news anchor in the UK, Trinidad-born McDonald is one
of the most popular figures on TV. Starting his career on the BBC
World Service, in 1999 he was given the Bafta Richard Dimbleby Award
for Outstanding Contribution to Television.