Monday, November 12, 2007

for the Ancestor Clive Bradley's earthday

The New York Times acknowledged that "Mr. Bradley was one of the most skillful and admired practitioners of a longstanding Carnival tradition".

Clive Bradley
Veteran Steelband Arranger

ogun lives on (for clive bradley)

was up spring flow road
we met and it was raining
sxango was peeling. So
we sheltered under a mango tree
discussing heritage issues
both adamant of the need
to protect the arts for prosperity
he agreed with a sparkle in his eyes
reminding me of struggle for pan
plus where it was today
i countered i was a writer
and he smiled at me suggesting
that one day too i would stand sheltering
from yemanja here
to yet tell a youth
just as he was doing same
i queried whether he understood
power of Orishas
protecting our PAN
he accepted ...
so today i shout:
Ogun lives on...

as i pour libations for this the general...
whose music
and company i am proud
to announce i had
pleasure to enjoy

poem published as tribute
on panonthenet


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