Sunday, January 29, 2006


unfoldin' lingua within/without
hesitation. Inspiring concentration,
stirring curiosity,
exciting senses of all. Unexplored
the vistas. Welcome
all candidates come devotees
to seasons of abundant
at the temples

trepidation diminishes
on acquisition of dexterity
confidence grows
for wonders never cease
through disciplined immersion,

only our nurtured
inhibitions constrain
learners' journeys
at quantum speed
to an eternally evolving
landscape of over-standing. Life-long
learning be critical

prerequisite for success
everywhere on terra
openly dipping in and out
is legitimate
Essential for clients deemed


Not ILPs, codes, targets
mottled policies but
Good practice: Luxury
of time, space,
a listening ear
patience and support

to comfortably
swim as infant turtles
in an un-charted ocean
requires confidence. Fulfilling

advance to master
crucial skills for effective
relocation. As sheer bliss

of awareness
all have experienced
to diverse degrees

more times calculated
in a lifetime of determined
poise and control. Circumstances

motion endowed agility
as toilers balance
daunting integers. So
literacy: nascent dynamic
In essence
erudition is vital
for mutual survival
of the species
in post modern times. As multitudes
are still denied
unfettered access to
growth-nee competence
Roi Kwabena

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Thursday, January 05, 2006



i wish i was an obeah man
better than papa niza or even shadow
to light a big mauve candle
and throw light on evils
throughout the ‘global village’

i wish i was a obeah man
to write the wrongs
but not for a noble prize, only
to feed the hungry children an’ poor people...

i wish i was a obeah man
to enable sight through the lies an’ chase
away the flies of broken promises

i wish i was a obeah man
to decide an end to austerity measures
establish a ‘real’ world order destroying racism..
and political debauchery
i wish i was a obeah man
an’ run foreign conglomerates
who exact profits in a new wave of deception....

i wish i was a obeah man
to obliterate nepotism
while at the same time licking up drug barons
who pose as legitimate merchants

i wish i was an obeah man
to manifest and distribute spirit blows
as deals are secretly made
to devour the wealth of our people...

i wish i was an obeah man
to manifest de over due national theatre
i wish i was an obeah man
and stabilize the T&T dollar ...depose the plantocracy
to empower the landless...

i wish i was an obeah man
an’ stop police brutality
i wish i was an obeah man
an wok some true- true obeah
but it is difficult to be an obeah practitioner
when even the patrons are fakes
while the deserving are
chased away by bureaucracy....

as some very important people
seek me out in the dead of night.....

Monday, January 02, 2006



Why should grannies
abandon children in their care?
A budget is for people to live comfortably
So less arms…less munitions
from Israel
camouflage uniforms
deliver food clothing
education, health an’ shelter
people can't eat arms
fortified vehicles nor night vision helicopters
nor can they quench thirsts with liquefied gas
rather empower communities
so they may grow stronger
less security and more humanity

© Roi Kwabena