Saturday, December 31, 2005


2. easthaverfordwest
austere female wardens shut
on time access to castells or caers
two ends of a forked spectrum
afon cleddau from east an' west
recalls picton, williams, newton
an' carew clan/destined trails with or
without cricket starving southern
colonies high tide equanimity
bold misadventure anywhere fish dread
hungry aggressive seagulls. Stalking
crossable bridges and rusty rail dreams of brunel
connecting regenerated walled towns
spanning ports. Here tourists ponder
bargains seeking fleeting pleasures
hoping repatriated alternative prices
remedies for swollen ripened discontent
or relief of weather near ole'
borders. Cambrian peaks frame shooting
stars that hover with drenched cardigan's amazement
by one luna's rainfall measure in an hour
flooding summer news, blood of the innocents,
parents beseeching "get our boys back home"
so no tears- armed serving daughters
rumours of impeachment abound
excerpt from juncture
© Roi Kwabena

Thursday, December 29, 2005

latest collection available

my latest publication

Readers be informed that my latest book is now available internationally.

Selected new poetry by Caribbean Poet and writer Dr Roi Kwabena. Introduced by Lennox Raphael and an Afterword by Dr Eric Doumerc. Includes selected translated poems in Hungarian, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish & Greek.

Happy and incisive reading.


Költségvetés milliárdokból (Magyar/Hungarian)

Költségvetés milliárdokból (Magyar/Hungarian)

bár továbbra sincs nemzeti színház
nincs kultúrpolitika
sem elektromosság
nincs vezetékes víz
nincs biztonság
bőséges a rendőri brutalitás
égő szemét útakadályok
és illegális bányarobbanások
halál a törvényes fogdában
önkényes kisajátítás
hiányos orvosi felszerelések
szegényes oktatás
rémült rabok rettegnek a folytatástól
a rasszizmus erőteljesen emlékeztet
nincs bizottság az egyenlő esélyekért
nincs egység
reménytelenség a csalódott választóknak
méltatlanul elfelejtett elődök és munkatársak
és a három rabszolgakereskedőhajó jelképe
a távolba vész...
mint az éhes nemzet várakozása a sorsdöntő változásra
Hungurian Translation by Julianna Várnai

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Χωρίς αισθήματα (No Hearts) GREEK

Χωρίς αισθήματα

Οι μέρες
Των μαριονετών, των ρομπότ
Και των βιονικών ανθρώπων

Αυτές οι ιστορίες
Προέρχονται από έθνη που κυβερνούνται
Από κάποιους που εμφανίζονται ανθρώπινοι
Με αξιόλογη ευφυΐα
Χωρίς όμως να εκδηλώνουν τα αισθήματά τους

Ενώ χειραγωγούνται
Από άλλους που προσποιούνται συμπάθεια
Με σχέδια όμως για περαιτέρω καταστροφή

Ο γιος μου απολαμβάνει
Αυτές τις κωμικές ιστορίες.

" HEARTS" -© Roi Kwabena
Translated by Efi Antoniou

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Budget of Billions

Budget av miljarder (svensk/swedish)

fast fortfarande inte finns national teater
finns inte kulturpolitik
inte heller elektricitet
inte rinnande vatten
ingen säkerhet
men gott om polisbrutalitet
brinnande skräp blockerar gator
och illegala gruvexplosioner
död i legal arrest
bristfälliga läkarutrustningar
fattig utbildning
ingen konfliktlösning
så de skrämda fångarna är rädda för övningarna
rasism påminner starkt
ingen jämställdshetskommité
ingen enhetlighet
hopplöshet för de besvikna väljare
förfäder och kamrater glömda utan ära
och emblemen för de tre pirat/slavskeppshandlarna
är borta ...
liksom den hungriga nationens förväntningar av ödets förändring

Swedish Translation by Julianna Várnai

Friday, December 16, 2005

new poetry in translation

in other tongues

In recent years, I have had the privilege of having my efforts translated in various languages. It in tribute to these ardent readers and linguists that I will over the next few days reproduce their labours.


il tempo e` essenziale
(commissionata dall'Arts Council of England per ' Waiting Rooms ')

il tempo e` essenziale

la speranza e` frutto della pazienza,

difficile venire a un compromesso

ma e` facile pensarlo

allora a che scopo affrettarsi tanto?

Roi Kwabena

Translation by Emmanuela Righetti

Sunday, December 11, 2005


"unfoldin' lingua within/without......"
commissioned poem on LITERACY & LIFE LONG LEARNING

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

anti slavery

[A] CAR- GOES with descendants

This poem was written in commemoration of International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition August 23, 2002 - As the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition was recently celebrated worldwide , UNESCO continuous implementing its Memory of the World Slave Trade Archives project, one of its many initiatives related to the slave trade. I tried to show the links between the nexus of the human condition...

in Birmingham
on the rea banks
ambitious dissenters, zealots,
an’ metal workers
set to work without guild
near a ring
where bull deer
were reared
generations, centuries later
came Austin
wherever the car[here] goes
migrant workers never forget
bajan, kittian, Jamaican toiling
at longbridge…
nor scottish,welsh, english, polish, asian
irish peoples plying their trades
in the wake of the birth of an industrial heritage
is was and still is

going to B
uk’s first black city
taylor,sturge, wesley
would smile at lloyds
brindley’s glittering canals
more miles than Venice
never forget though
the nameless orphans
some offsprings of despised
canal-boat dwellers
except for those smuggled
to Canada for adoption
black country furnaces
ports of Bristol, Liverpool
cities like Manchester and London
unto guinea coast and
port royal xyamaca

sugar coffee tobacco
rum molasses cotton
gold and ‘staple’ humans
shackled; 90% of this
trade orchestrated by mercantile
giants in Liverpool, Bristol
where also slavers, buccaneers and even privateers
recruited openly sometimes
in deception of those hired
watts’ steam engines transferring
more than technology, trade

ever attendant greed
never before since cargoes
virgin vistas witnessed such
wanton pillage
man made flames
of innocent and guilty parties
all sides
slate from mountain tops of wales
ferried along worcester carnal
to trade with ‘de indans’
restraining irons…groating pudding
maize cutlery..pottery…
finery for the mistresses
nails, pig iron, coal, blankets
to trade with ‘de bandits’
paid for
by god fearing enterprising
forward thinking philanthropic scientists
who dared to query..

as albion Jacobins…lunar friends
Unitarian dreamers toying and fermenting
Sugar chocolate coated oats
Bullets, medals, coins
etal supporting far away
Harriet Tudman; listening
To discourses on
Equality, Dignity,
A human’s right to
The likes of Equiano
Francis Barber
Peter Stanford- Methodist Minister
Isolating oxygen…colour spectrums
Hosting Jefferson an’ Small
Priestly’s timely hurried departure
To Pennsylvania heralded by
Loyalist riotous mobs on broad street
to ole’ moseley lands

[B] Descendants of CAR- goes
cargoes of edgewood carriages with
Birmingham flint guns blasting
american wars… asante kingdom. apache, chaka zulu,
fuzzie wazzie, nubian, karifuna,tasmanian, boer an’ biafrian
franklin, wesley and day
abolition of this precious trade
and the consequences

Are these humans capable of “higher thought ? “
Among themselves these learnt men
Owners themselves of such chattel
Aware the booming “noble” slavery trade
of Boston & Maryland. Yankee slavers
plying their trade from Brunswick, New England
to Zanzibar despite
abolition decades prior
wanted posters proclaim
irish, welsh, english Scottish
indentured labourers…fellow Christians
albeit protestants, objectors and some catholics
on the run with afrikan slaves,,,
today in Moseley
handsworth, newtown (not guinea coast) an’ Aston
live multi racial
descendants drive cars
their familiar surnames
dwelling houses
whose facades have not changed…
© roi kwabena

Saturday, December 03, 2005

for nefer

"For Nefer "

when it comes
as the night. Dark

commanding new vistas. Places
trees grow
in spaces filled
with departures.

roi kwabena