Tuesday, November 15, 2005

forgive us our debts

Forgive Us Our Debts

........wish we had a father
not only in heaven
but also on earth.

we would forgive our debtors
and all those who
trespassed against us

the genocides...

the chattel slavery.....

the indentureship.....
the religious conversion....
the plunder of our antiquities....
the economic deprivation....
the scientific exclusion....

could we expect
our debts to be forgiven
so that we may feed our people
we wont be led into military aggression
we will uphold
the ideals of
tolerance and equality
we will fair trade all commodities
we will promote sustainable development
and protect the earth's environment

oh! can we expect our debts
to be forgiven as
we adhere to principles
that will be beneficial to all of humanity

we the rich-but considered
poor nations of the southern hemisphere.....
(dedicated to the Jubilee2000 cancel the Debt campaign)


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