Monday, November 14, 2005

See now hear (feel) in the dark

So see now hear (in the dark) feel

"...was blind, but now I see"
John Newton : "Amazing Grace"
See now hear feel
Feel now,
hear sea Here
now feel see,
now feel hear an'
see in the dark (refrain)
buckra...guineas dosh...massaare
they who plunder an' rob
any different than those
who trade inhuman cargoes?
Lock, stock an? barrel
Eternal triangle retraced
from Whitehaven, Liverpool,
Bristol, Gloucester, Cardiff,
Birmingham an' London
a few prospered
so cups
may be filled
with rhum?
Raleigh ensured tobacco may
smoke first in Devon
Asphalt still pave roads
of trade, Commerce, banking with insurance
established pirates, buccaneers,
cow killers, privateers
Slavers out to sea, religious zealots
Archaic laws of eighteenth
(which) century?
Gold, emeralds, diamonds,
cocoa, guns, shackles,
sugar, cottonpineapples, papayas, timber,
coffee, tomatoes, chocolate
filthy as mined coal
brandy parties,
St Giles' stinking drunken stupor
nursing gentlemen's
trade of wretched human cargo
Even locals pressed-ganged as crew
Spirited chimney boys, convicts,
those indebt, screaming kidnapped
daughters condemned as accomplices
for this trade starved on sail to
gold coast
Precious kidnapped cargoes
albeit humans
Chained afraid are some/none
on atlantic separated fading
memories of baobab denied
rights of passage or kinbeaten,
shackled in irons
Never to return!
so accept the sacrifice of Quamina
feel words of saved Rushton at this shrine...
as familiar names survive,
histories so entangled
Global deceit, new millennia
will but forced emancipation
did not end chattel slavery
as today showcases and brochures
brag post modern conveniences
dependant on supply of shackled labour in afrika,
asia unto lawless jungles of americas
Even in the kitchens of europe and middle east
pathetic excuses of abominable existence
before european's arrival
then legal, so no compensation
to daten benefactors pay no reparations
drinking blood like milk
Feel here now,
see now
hear /here
Failed safe if only one is in captivity
None is free!
No dignity without equality!
No humanity
Without justice and liberty!

roi kwabena
Commissioned by Braunarts for
the Birmingham launch of The Dark Exhibition 01.09.2004
© 2004


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