Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Birmingham: Capital of Culture

Birmingham - Capital of Culture

This is no mirage
glittering canals engage Industry alongside
Genius exporting commerce and determination
of humans in waves with precious
resources settledin pursuit of excellence...
here a river flows directly
connected to many cities,
some bear her name begrudgingly
imitating her ingenuity feigning success

an' green men guardlike the sphinxes
promise of a sustainable future
with learning elders and youth multilingual
proclaiming victories

open spaces to breathe
alongside basins of promise
near where postmodernist world
leaders have quenched their thirst
minted coins...fashioned precious stones jostle
aromas of once exotic now only tempting

cuisines galore
carnivals in the shadow of public art
an entire district dedicated to balti
Luna society of scientific enquiryAston hall
where royalty dined
Abolitionists, friends and metal smiths
confer as harvested chocolate is still prepared
sporting arenas and automobile engines fine tuned

female advocacy...trade unionism
justice, equality and liberty
Rupert sacked but never conquered
soho house resonates charm

Be immersed in her
diversity without effort
celebrate the many
who gave in principle
to follow
52ยบ north


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