Tuesday, January 23, 2007

neglected vows

vows neglected

"...Oh land of fairest beauty
we vow our lives to duty
and vow this day
and vow this day to serve thee..."

trembling beneath our feet
gazing lovingly
our new fluttering flag
unaware our unborn not free
of post-modern terror

lingering ailment
scourge of inequality
such vulgarity not bashful

descendants of Columbus
dictated the voyage forward
we still draw water and
tend to massa's venal estates

we pledged our lives
to serve a nation
now limping along
bearing scars of unnecessary trials

this is my mother trinago
here poui still blooms
manatee in seclusion
as leather-backs lay eggs
crabs run at full moon
caiman there about

land of fairest beauty
where/here slain innocents
are accepted

still the poor folks
defending rubbished road blocks
or rummaging
at la basse
neglecting public health
polluting environment
as ink dries on signed contracts with foreign concerns
for further pillage of resources



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