Thursday, August 31, 2006


mutually ah mas

my lips
part to spit out
a poison promised
to me as sustenance

awake! i dare
say you dreamers
on marine square
never was declared independence,
dancing star-filled night
beneath painted
ornate street-lights
were but, one of
many delusions. Antics
of a trained prankster
many centuries reared
on corrugated blood
with powdered face

new era or

a fish that don’t swim

great divide


like the dug out lands by the private land developers

lethal floods –so blame instead the residents
who dispose of their refuge
without wherewithal

as sins of the past accumulate
remain unchallenged
have we forgotten
the struggles of our predecessors?

why must the ole guard remain ?

as uneasiness an’ fear reigns

demolish… obliterate
class barriers

legislate equal opportunity
to fill the

great divide


aggressive waves
thumping maracas
las cuevas to matleot
even paria gulf at 25feet. Plus

debris explosion in st james. Innocent’s
blood bathing the land

Criminals playing eternal jouvert
privileged macabre ballet
clad as politriks galore

minus ahead

poems selected from "As Long As"
published in commemoration of
Trinidad & Tobago's declared
Independence from Britain
31st August 1962


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